How You Can Help

Send Love

phone loveShare a story or memory with Abby’s family via a note or a card. If you would like to send an item for the kids, consider a book (they both love adventure stories or tales about animals). Please see the Contact page for mailing addresses.


Send Support

Freflowerseman-Larsen Support Fund. We have set up a support fund for Merlin and the kids as they manage this difficult time. To donate, please click here to be taken to Paypal. Funds should be sent as a personal gift to You can also write a check made out to ‘Freeman Larsen Support Fund’ and send it c/o Cynthia Freeman, 2307 Nella Vista Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

Sponsor a week of housecleaning – the best mental health intervention we’ve found so far. Click here to sign up.

Send Media

Pictures and videos. We are developing an archive of photos and videos of Abby with her family and friends, to be used for artistic purposes. For those of you on Facebook, please post your pictures, videos, memories and prayers in our group Team Abby. If you aren’t, send digital or scanned versions of your photos, with any short description or story behind them (optional) to brother Dan at freemandan99 [at] gmail [dot] com. For large video files, please contact Dan to work out a way to transfer them.

Music. Do you have a song that reminds you of Abby? Or maybe one that you enjoyed together? Send them our way! We want to make a Team Abby playlist for all to enjoy. Please send them to Dan via e-mail, or if you don’t have the song itself, just tell him what it is and he’ll track it down.

Thank you!

Abby and Merlin and the rest of the family feel incredibly loved and supported by all who have helped in this difficult time. It is truly a testament to the power of love and community.

As has become our mantra: Keep Calm and Carry On.