If you’d told me two weeks ago…

that I’d be yelling “WOO HOO! Stage 2 or 3! Yes!” I’d think you were nuts.

But with the PET scan pathology report the other day, we learned that the cancer has not spread. Definitely cause for rejoicing. And a nice tidbit of good news for Abby to take along to chemo orientation this week. So much less fun than summer camp…

3 thoughts on “If you’d told me two weeks ago…

  1. Hi Abby,
    We are thinking of you lots, and send you virtual hugs. We love the pictures of the family and your action shots. Your courage to pursue performing arts, start a company, move to Europe, and generally rock is awesome, and I think gives you strength to climb over this thing and fly to a cure. We hope to see you and the family soon!
    Si & Cree

  2. I know that you are exceptionally strong and brave, Abby. You will beat this! Lots of love.

  3. Abbikins. Abigail. Abbicita. Oh, I feel too far away. So while I am over here in NY, know that we are bolstering the strongholds of support on this end. From coast to coast, your team is ever-present! I’ve seen your strength in action, and know if anyone can beat this, you certainly can, my friend. All my love.

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