Everybody gets into the act

when the cousins see each otherWhile Mommy is laid up after chemo treatments, the cousins have been playing a lot. They hug each other just like this when they see each other!

And the grown-ups have been getting creative with planning excursions. This Sunday, at the suggestion of my father-in-law Jerry Goldstein, we caravanned down to San Pedro with all the kids, four grandparents, and some friends with their kids. The older kids toured the USS Iowa battleship (very cool, you can see a bit of it in the background in this picture) with assorted parents and grandparents. The under-3 set hit the tiny but captivating Cabrillo Aquarium to gawp at the sea life. We all met on the beach for a picnic afterwards and celebrated my mom’s birthday. Bet I know what she wished for!

We’re appreciating each other more these days, I think. And treasuring the silver linings – like even more time with these munchkins.

4 thoughts on “Everybody gets into the act

  1. Cousins look like they’ve got very proficient at group hugging! I can feel the love!

  2. OMG>
    The cousin love is palpable!
    Indy and his cousins are pretty ridiculous together as well.
    We’re sending you love, Abbie, Merlin, and little munchkins.
    Miss you guys. Can’t wait to hang soooooooooooooooooooon!

  3. Oh my the kids are so adorable.

    We had our cousins together for one day earlier — but the age spread 7months to 7 years is not as condusive to group hugs.

    Pat & Jim

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