Easy like Sunday morning…

Abby with Dalya and Julia

Okay, with kids around it’s never exactly easy, but it is full of love…Here’s a shot from a week ago of Abby reading to Dalya and Julia. After being all sweet and cute here the little terrors jumped in on the WWF-style wrestling match that the boys had started with Unky Dan. Let’s just say that four-to-one odds are not great, even when the four are under three feet tall…

3 thoughts on “Easy like Sunday morning…

  1. Dear Abs, I love that shot with you and the girls! You all look great! Hang in there. Love, Uncle Dave

  2. Unky Dan,

    You are a trooper: Wrestler, photographer, rock climber, web designer, baby sitter!? Dang– those Freeman sisters (and their kids) have it made in the shade.

    Another great shot of Abbs and the next generation of cousins. True, Dan, you have gorgeous models with amazing energy and attitude– how could you miss? But I am absolutely sure there is also some serious talent on your side of the camera (oh, and great looks and energy there, too:)

    Not to mention all the love in the room… (So what’s not to love?)
    Love ewes awl
    Aunt Sooz

  3. oh whoops,
    so wait… someone else was the awesome photographer, cause Unky Dan was busy wrestling, right? So okay, whoever you are (Cynthie?) nice work capturing those wild beauties in their natural habitat

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