One down, five to go…

Abby had her first round of chemo last week. Thanks to a large dose of Benadryl to prepare her body for any allergic reactions, she slept through the whole thing! She’s feeling tired but not too nauseated so far, a blessing.

While the treatment plan may change as the doctors get more information about how the tumor responds, the current plan is for six rounds of chemo in total, followed by surgery and radiation. The sessions are three weeks apart.

Abby is supposed to rest and relax in between sessions so of course we’re taking her to Legoland next week – what could be more zen than hitting an amusement park with four children under the age of seven?


2 thoughts on “One down, five to go…

  1. that is *so* our girl– can’t keep a good Abbster down. Wish I was there. I’ve never been to Legoland! (and neither have my poor children– so unloved and neglected…) Ok, next trip to LA, definite side trip to LL.
    Lots of love to all the amazing sibs!
    abrazos gigantes

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