In which I forgive the universe

Okay, so that round of chemo sucked but you know what? It worked! The tumor shrank some more and so did the lymph node. The oncologist is not only happy, she’s encouraged. And Abby is so grateful for the huge round of support. Thanks everyone!

6 thoughts on “In which I forgive the universe

  1. oh thank goodness! Jersey City is celebrating!!!
    Sending so much LOVE and GRATITUDE to the whole famn damily, the whole TEAM ABBY and, ok, Universe, we’re impressed with your ability to CHANGE for the greater good!

  2. Dear Abby, I’m so happy about the news that your tumor has shrunk again and that your doctor is happy. I know the entire thing is a bummer, but the news is good. I think of you every day, Abs, and I’m sending you those good vibes that only those who were around in the sixties can send!
    I’m currently cruising solo in my little sailboat. I’m just outside NYC and tomorrow I will sail up the East River into Long Island Sound. I’m totally psyched! Love, Uncle Dave

  3. Hi Abby!
    Sending you love from Boston. I’m glad your treatment is working.

    You are a strong person and Im sure you are putting up a great fight! You have a beautiful family and I’m sure their support gives you strength and encouragement each day.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Xoxo


  4. This is wonderful news!!
    It’s working!!!!!
    Abby-sending you all of my love and strength every day.
    Always remember….You are a strong beautiful woman…❤
    Love you,

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