Really, universe? SERIOUSLY?

Universe, I got a bone to pick with you. You send cancer to my sister, and while she’s feeling all barfy and horrible this week you let a car hit Merlin and total the Subaru? Yes, it’s totally great that Merlin is okay, and that Abby’s even feeling a little better today. But seriously, universe, BACK OFF! I mean it! (And nobody wants a damn peanut).

3 thoughts on “Really, universe? SERIOUSLY?

  1. Dear Cynthia, I’ll speak to the universe for you, and I promise there will be some action!

    Dear Abs, I hope the barfiness ends soon, and that Merlin is okay. But it’s always sad to lose a Subaru. Love, Uncle Dave

  2. ARGH!!! Are you KIDDING ME? Do I need to rally the tribe? Universe don’t want no beef with the tribe! Happy, though, that Merlin is okay and that the nausea is subsiding. Sending you ridiculous amounts of love. Know that you’re always in my thoughts.

  3. That is just brutal. I’m so glad Merlin came through okay, and Abby’s following close behind… but no, totally unnecessary obstacles, Universe.

    Ganeesha, Remover of Obstacles, wherefore art thou?
    Offering prayers to any and all gods who will step up to the plate!
    We will not discriminate!

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