Rockin’ the bald

Merlin just sent me this photo of his hot wife. Oh yeah!

hot baldy

The best thing about being nearby while Abby is going through this is that I get to see her – and when you see her you remember that she’s incredibly healthy, and fit, and vital, and funny, and all that…even though there’s this really sucky cancer that’s come to visit uninvited. Begone you, malignancy!

7 thoughts on “Rockin’ the bald

  1. Abby, you look beautiful!!! <3
    Thanks for the updates, Cynthia!
    Sending lots of love and healing thoughts!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Just shows to go ya:

    Abby’s hair was beautiful (and will be again)
    But her BEAUTY is not in her hair…

    Thanks for this photo, Cynth, reminding us of the fit, fierce, phenomenal Abby we know and love… and MISS big time.
    [In fact, I miss ALL of you big time]
    Sending so much love to Abby and Team Awesome
    Your Aunt Sooooz

  3. So excited to come over and rub that beautiful bald head of yours! Look at you girlfriend! you shine so brightly!

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