Where the wildlings are

So when you’re Abby and Merlin, and a whole bunch of your friends are these supercool artsy peeps, and they totally love you, they come up with ridiculous lunacy, complete with pink ribbons, to send support from the east coast aka the Frozen North.

A dance for Abby from Liam Lane on Vimeo.

Thank you so much, pink-clad wildlings! Including:
Gwyn, Billy, Thumper – Performers/Producers
Cody- Performer and location provider
Hallie- Performer, water ballet specialist
Miyasaki- Performer/Editor
Scout- Performer/Director
Liam- Performer/Editor and sacrificer of hair to the pink gaff tape.
Reuben- Editor
Rebecca- Performer
Angelica- Performer
Justin- Videographer, amazing drink mixer

3 thoughts on “Where the wildlings are

  1. I just watched A Dance for Abby – twice. I loved it! It is so powerful, beautiful and full of strength, healing, love and empathy. Thank you, all of you amazing artists, for using your talents to send healing and love to Abby. This is real medicine. She’ll be up flying again, healthy, before we know it.
    -Julie Katz

    • I couldn’t ha r said it any better Julie.
      To all of you amazing family and friends who creates this moving message.
      YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
      That was fanfreakintastic!

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