Overwhelmed by love

DearĀ  Friends,

We are simply stunned by the incredible outpouring of love, remembrances, prayers, best wishes, photos, and giving you have sent our way. There have been nearly 30,000 visits to this website in just the last three days and hundreds of beautiful comments. This is in addition to the many hundreds of incredible expressions of love and support that have come to each member of Abby’s family through e-mail, Facebook, snail-mail, text message, and phone call. We knew she was loved by many, but this has been beyond expectation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

How You Can Help

At present, we are engaged in a time of stillness and quiet. Merlin has made it a priority to begin trying to find a “new normal” for himself and his children. As much as we wish the world would stop, life does – and must – go on.

Many of you have asked how you can help and when a memorial will take place. In accordance with Abby’s wishes, we will be planning a celebration of her life for those closest to her here in the Los Angeles area in the coming weeks and on the east coast later this summer. Given the enormous number of people she has touched, it will not be possible to have everyone present, but we will be sure to document the event so that all can share in remembrance of her light. For something you can do right now, there is a Facebook Group for sharing photos, stories, videos, prayers and other memories and we invite you to participate.

As we grapple with this loss in our lives, we are so grateful for the outpouring of care and support, and we also ask you to please not visit Merlin and the children unless invited at this time. Please also be patient with the time it may take Merlin to return calls, texts, and e-mails. Abby will always be with us, and we will be sure to create a space and time for her loved ones to come together to celebrate her.

Until then, we have set up some other suggestions of how you can help on this page.

Thank you once again for your love, understanding, and support.

~The Freeman and Larsen families

“Trampotine” time with daddy from summer, 2013.

Good times. No, really!

What’s more fun than a playground full of preschoolers? Family and friends gathered to celebrate Julia’s third birthday on Sunday, complete with treasure hunts, healthy snacks, and Papa Jack reprising his role as The Monster Who Chases Small Squealing Children. Abby has been recovering well from surgery and enjoyed hanging out with guests and kiddos of all ages while sporting what could now be called a “statement haircut.”

Where the wildlings are

So when you’re Abby and Merlin, and a whole bunch of your friends are these supercool artsy peeps, and they totally love you, they come up with ridiculous lunacy, complete with pink ribbons, to send support from the east coast aka the Frozen North.

A dance for Abby from Liam Lane on Vimeo.

Thank you so much, pink-clad wildlings! Including:
Gwyn, Billy, Thumper – Performers/Producers
Cody- Performer and location provider
Hallie- Performer, water ballet specialist
Miyasaki- Performer/Editor
Scout- Performer/Director
Liam- Performer/Editor and sacrificer of hair to the pink gaff tape.
Reuben- Editor
Rebecca- Performer
Angelica- Performer
Justin- Videographer, amazing drink mixer