Good times. No, really!

What’s more fun than a playground full of preschoolers? Family and friends gathered to celebrate Julia’s third birthday on Sunday, complete with treasure hunts, healthy snacks, and Papa Jack reprising his role as The Monster Who Chases Small Squealing Children. Abby has been recovering well from surgery and enjoyed hanging out with guests and kiddos of all ages while sporting what could now be called a “statement haircut.”

4 thoughts on “Good times. No, really!

  1. Hooray for good times, really!
    Happy Birthday to Julia and to all family and friends celebrating!

    Yes, Abby can rock any haircut. She has proved (as if we had any doubt) that hair does not the woman make!

    Extra love and hugs to the Birthday Mama!

  2. Happy HAPPY Birthday! SO Many bright lights in that clip!
    Abby, Merlin…So good to see your faces, it’s been such a long time!
    Sending Love and Light your way!

  3. Very happy belated birthday wishes to Julia, and a very happy birthing day to Mommy and Daddy. That was beautiful to see. May you all have smiles, each and every day. Much love…from down here, across that big blue watery thing…

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