Safe and sound

Abby is out of the OR and recovering quickly! After a four-hour surgery yesterday, she had a calm night and is up today and walking, eating regular (well, hospital) food, and reading the scores of wonderful text messages, Facebook posts, and blog comments you all sent. Thank you so much for the love and support!

She will come home tomorrow, and she and Merlin are having “dinner and a movie” at the hospital this evening – with two kids, you gotta take those date night opportunities whenever you can!

Meanwhile, back at the house…

photo 2

12 thoughts on “Safe and sound

  1. Dear All, I was not aware of all this and so I am adding my blessings and wishes for highest recovery on all levels for Abby and sending my love and wishes for all of you who are right in the center of the circle of light to maintain your brilliance and energy. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to act as a helper and a support during these times. With so much Love, Jesse

  2. dearest loves…my heart sings sweet delicious songs of love, light, joy and blessings abundantly your way!

  3. So much beauty all around you, as always. Regardless of what happens to you in your life, Abicita- you still somehow radiate hope, joy, and perseverance. As always, you remain an inspiration to many. I shake my head in awe of you. May god continue to bless you, with all that you love and are.

  4. My brave beautiful soul sister!!!!
    You are breathtaking!
    So grateful to see you and the “I got this” look in your eyes!!!!
    Sending you all my strength, courage, and love.

  5. Abby, my sweet, that is so YOU: beautiful smile, and a big thumbs up, reassuring everyone around you that “everything’s gonna be alright” (as Bob Marley would say:) SO happy to see your smiling face. Love you so much. Happy Dan’s Birthday btw! Mega love and hugs for you and the whole family <3

    ps Enjoy date night at the hospital (oy:) but I totally agree– take it where you can get it. LOVE the Hamster-on-the-Head look Owen's rockin'! No doubt your beautiful (lively!) boondlaze will be happy to have their loving mama home

  6. How many different faces of courageous beauty! You are a wonder, woman. What a web of love surrounds you and your family
    Blessings & wishes

  7. Hi Abby. You are awesome! I just want you to know that I am thinking about you and sending good vibes westward to you, Merlin and the kids. Well, now that you know that I will get back back to the task of sending those vibes. I am really doing it you know… facing west, arms open to you, concentrated vibe producing, and sending. Not sure if facing west really matters at all as vibes travel along their own particular pathways I imagine. Love to you.

  8. We love you Abby. You and the fam are always in our thoughts. That fierce energy of yours can tackle anything that comes your way. Let that brilliant light within you shine, shine, shine!

  9. Dear Abs, We are so glad the freakin’ operation was a success! Abs, if you are writing about your experience and feel like sharing, I would very much like to read about what you are going through from your perspective. Not now, but when it’s all over. Hang in there, and remember how much all of us love you. Pat and I speak of you daily, and we send you our warmest wishes. Love, Uncle David and Pat

  10. So happy you’re through this part of it!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Everyone at JWT sends their love. Hugs, gentle hugs!

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