Once more unto the breach…

We celebrated Abby’s birthday this past weekend with cake and playtime.

The little girls dressed her up in paper chains:


The boys helped by getting out every single toy in the house just in case anyone wanted to play with them:

And Papa Jack and Unka Dan braved the wilds of Chuck E Cheese on a rainy Saturday so the boys could play the slots, the girls could nap, and the rest of us could sit on the couch and sip tea. Merlin had to work but Josh fixed him a dinner care package of Chinese beef ribs, tofu and veggies, and various other yumminess.

A few weeks of relative normalcy have been great – especially with the latest round of treatment starting this week. Abby will be having radiation five days a week for seven weeks. Her medical team has also recommended weekly chemotherapy that will boost the radiation’s effects. This is of course a total bummer and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that the side effects will not be as bad as they were with the systemic chemo.

Huge thanks and shout-outs to the local families who have been dropping off delicious meals and the out-of-town friends who are sponsoring grocery gift cards and weekly housecleaning. All of you have made this difficult journey so much better with your practical generosity, thoughtful words, and love beaming across time and space!

6 thoughts on “Once more unto the breach…

  1. Abby,

    Glad to hear you had some time to recover and celebrate your birthday and your beautiful daughter’s birthday before treatment begins again. Thinking of you and your entire family. Xoxo

  2. Dear Abs, Big hugs and warm wishes from NJ. We think of you daily, and we admire your courage throughout your ordeal. Hang on, Abby! Love, Uncle Dave and Pat

  3. Querida Abbicita,
    Love the photo of the the 3 party girls: They just wanna have fun, right? You look lovely adorned in paper garlands (I’m going with ‘garlands’ rather than ‘chains’ –:) I hope you and Julia both had beautiful birthdays! Would be hard not to, surrounded as you are by so much love– and toys! Well, my sweet, I hope the next leg of this journey goes well– and quickly– and you’re back to partying with the girls asap.
    I miss you so <3
    Abrazos gigantes
    besos galore,
    Aunt Sooz

  4. Good Morning Abby,
    First off, a belated birthday wish to you! I love the picture of you and the kids having fun with decorating one and other…so sweet!
    Saw your mom and dad, Cynthia and family at the snow event last weekend. Our conversations were brief but please know I send all my love to you during this phase of treatment. You are on my mind and in my prayers.
    Much love for continued healing dear one,

  5. Abby,

    Sending you and your family my best wishes for a healthy and speedy recovery in 2014.

    Love to all of you.

    Bill Burrus

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