Five down, two to go…

Abby is grinding through the chemo-boosted radiation with her usual toughness and aplomb, and in good spirits with the end of this treatment (two weeks left) now in sight. The next step will likely be immunotherapy of some kind, and our Dad has been coordinating a huge research effort to identify the best clinical trials, with the help of some family friends who are cancer docs and epidemiologists. We are so grateful for the village of support that has gathered around in this time of need!

The end of THREE WEEKS of school vacation is also in sight, which will give Abby and Merlin – not to mention every other grown-up with a kid in LAUSD – some much-needed time to rest and recover. We were so happy to spend the holidays quietly together as a family, and see friends and playmates as well. We also took the kids ice skating:


Yes, it was 75 and sunny at the time. Friends in the frozen north (south, east…ok, everywhere but California), try not to hate us…

4 thoughts on “Five down, two to go…

  1. I want to come ice skating toooooo!!!! I miss yoooo all soooo much! Will skate in a sunny 72 or a frigid 4 below! Glad to see Abbs out and about, skating on ice of any thickness to get where she needs to go!

    Abby, glad you’re skating through, sibs/cousins/parents/LA friends et al, grateful you are all nearby! I am only missing in action geographically speaking, my loves! Otherwise, I am totally there with you in spirit!

    So much love
    and see you in the spring, by hook or by crook!
    Besos & abrazos fuertes
    Aunt Soooooooz

  2. Dear Abs, Hang in there, Sweetie! Your bravery and spirit are so inspiring. We think of you and speak of you every day. Yesterday I spoke of you to my seventh graders. Love, Uncle Dave

  3. Abby looks ever so beautiful and Julia’s rainbow skating tutu — I am speechless. I want one!!! Huge hugs to all of you from (cold) East Jerusalem. Love,

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