The Rock in Her Life

Over the past year, since we first learned of Abby’s condition, much has changed. But one thing has not – her husband and life partner, Merlin Larsen. This challenge is difficult for all of us, Abby most of all, but he is the one that has most supported her through this trial, going on countless visits to doctors and hospitals, taking huge care of their children, working whenever he can to continue to support themselves financially, and more. He moved a 500 pound hot tub on his own over 100 feet and over uneven terrain from a neighbor’s house. He took Owen on a father-son trip to Joshua Tree. He taught himself welding and metal cutting and built a home workshop in order to start a business at home so that he could spend more time with Abby and the kids. He has dealt with my hovering, ever present family with the utmost patience and goodwill.

Abby could not have chosen a better dude. He is the rock in her life, and we are lucky to call him our brother, son-in-law, and friend. Thank you, Merlin, today on your 45th birthday, and for what we all hope will be many more years together.

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The two lovers spent last weekend healing at the Esalen Institute. They sent us this selfie from Morro Bay.

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“Oh, I just taught myself how to cut metal so I could make this for you. No big deal.”


S’mores in Joshua Tree

  – Dan Freeman

7 thoughts on “The Rock in Her Life

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Merlin! The world is a better place because you are in it. We love you! Sending you love and positive thinking.
    -Julie, Eddan and Eva

  2. I have loved this couple from the moment Merlin started “chasing” Abby around the Daryl Roth Theater during our memorable days with De La Guarda. Both of you are the rarest type of gems (rocks) that I love, respect and admire for so many reasons. Merlin, you are the personification of love. Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And thank you so much for this update. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Abby. XO, Keex aka Kira Bear

  3. Happy Birthday, Merlin, and thanks for making my niece so happy for all these years. You are, indeed, the perfect man for Abby. Love Uncle Dave

  4. Happy Birthday Merlin! And Happy Merlin & Abby Birthday Getaway! I second all the motions above: You are both such gems– individual and as a team, in so many ways. I am grateful to have you in my life, but even more grateful that you have each other. Sending so much love to you both!
    Aunt Sooz
    … who misses youse guys SO much <3

  5. Hey Abby, I think of you daily, always with warm wishes and hope that your ordeal will turn into a happy ending. I’m sending you another novel that I have enjoyed and that I hope you will dig. It will come in the mail soon. Love, Uncle Dave

  6. hey brother, happy birthday to a beautiful soul. though we haven’t seen each other in a while, i love and admire you from afar for the way you live your life – and recently the way you’ve risen to the mortal challenge of the past year. i wish you much-deserved good fortune and kindness in this new year.

    love to you and abby both,


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