Hello chemo, my old friend (ugh)

Merlin's birthday Abs reading with girlies

After celebrating Merlin’s 45th birthday  and a family get-together for our Dad’s 70th, during which the only photo I managed to snap was this shot of Abby reading to the girlies, Abby entered a clinical trial at UCLA at the beginning of April. The study drug is a kinase inhibitor, combined with Cisplatin chemo.

Abby has been taking every possible moment to enjoy time with family and friends, hike, do yoga, and get her strength back before starting this next round of treatment, despite coping with rib pain and severe coughing, which seem to be after-effects of the radiation.

Thanks again to everyone for your emails, texts, Facebook shout-outs and help in SO many ways. With Abby likely to experience some rough side effects as the chemo treatment kicks in, we’re opening up another round of sign-ups for housecleaning support (best mental health intervention ever!).

Click here if you’re able to sponsor a session: Team Abby: Operation Sane Mom

Yours with love and in gratitude…

– Cynthia Freeman

2 thoughts on “Hello chemo, my old friend (ugh)

  1. Dear Abs, Thanks for your text. I’ve been super busy teaching, fixing up our sailboat, and being a grandfather to Lihz’s Josephine. Hang in there, girl. I think of you every day, and I’ve got a new book for you, coming soon! Love, Uncle Dave

  2. Cynth,
    Thanks for that update– a tough message to deliver to the legions of family and friends who adore YOU ALL. Thank goodness you are all there, for Abby and for each other. I think of you all every single day. Sending love, a few house cleaning sessions, and an extra bucket of hugs (free:)
    With so much love and gratitude
    Aunt Sooz

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