I prayed to my gods, but they were sleeping on that day

Abby and Wia readingIn consultation with her physicians at UCLA, Abby has decided to stop the clinical trial, which was causing a whole lot of suffering for her and a whole lot of not working on the cancer. We also recently learned that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in her chest, which is causing serious lung problems.

In this very hardest of times, the many ways that family and friends and neighbors have been helping are such blessings, and have come into sharp focus as what love and life are all about. The already-amazing husband who has grown into an even better partner, father, and caregiver. The parents who pick up their adored and adoring grandchildren at school and keep the house stocked with groceries and the doctors on their toes. The “food fairies” who drop off meals prepared with skill and love. The friends around the world – some of them flat broke – who nonetheless send money for housecleaning. The grandfathers – ages 95 and 96 – who provide all kinds of support from across the country. The brother who spends his weekends letting the nieces and nephews hit him with boppers and jump on him in the backyard trampoline. The high school classmates who organize fundraisers for breast cancer research. The old friends who fly in for some quality time. The locals who help with playdates. The list goes on and on.

Abby is not feeling up to much writing or visiting, but she is reading everything you send and appreciates the many memories, expressions of love, and healing wishes you have shared. (Note from her ferociously protective sister:  she is too polite to tell you directly, but if you believe that she is at fault for her cancer or its progression in some way, keep it to yourself. I promise you it is not helpful.)

We will keep you posted on next steps in this journey as we know them. Also, this happened:

Elsa hiding

 Elsa shoe nap

Elsa water

Meet Elsa Freeman Larsen. Because what’s the fun of having the toughest year of your life if you don’t get a puppy? She’s a foster dog for now, but is fast wriggling her way into everyone’s hearts and all the nooks and crannies in Abby’s backyard…

-Cynthia Freeman

10 thoughts on “I prayed to my gods, but they were sleeping on that day

  1. Dear Abs, I totally get it about ditching the clinical trials. You have done everything right, and nothing wrong. I am really shocked at Cynth’s implication that anyone is faulting you. It makes me sick to think about that. Anyway, I’m sending you my thoughts and my love. Uncle David

  2. Mi querida Abbicita,
    I am grateful for every ounce of love and care that brings you and Merlin some comfort. You are surrounded by people who love you, near and far… I am one of so many, holding you and the whole family close to my heart… always.
    Aunt Sooz

  3. Talk about life giving you lemons. For everyone on Team Abby, we are searching for sugar to help you make lemonade.

    Love the pictures of the puppy.

  4. ps The puppy is precious. She’s bound to earn her keep in the production of smiles and puppy mischief– something for the whole family <3

  5. Love to all of you, including the adorable puppy. You have a very beautiful family. xo Kate Fichter

  6. So much love to the whole Freeman/Larsen clan (Abby, Merlin, Owen, Julia, Hammy and Elsa). Tor and I are thinking of you all and your comfort in all things.
    Sending many hugs and kisses…

  7. Dearest Abby,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers, as always….still keeping you surrounded in pure, white, healing light.
    Your yoga friend,

  8. Love and support to all involved. I wish for moments of levity for you, Abby. And sunshine. I’m available for any and all tasks that need to be executed. xo

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